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Data Input and Analysis

Keywords: VLOOKUP, Data Form, PivotTable, Chart

Description: Learn how to link named ranges, the Data Form, PivotTables and charts to produce an information system. Use a button to add data to the worksheet and a Vlookup formula to link Excel lists.

Tip: You can link charts, PivotTables and Ranges of data to produce a basic information system. With a command button, you can use the built-in Data Form to add data to the range. If you name the range "Database", you can link the PivotTable to the named range. When you add new data, the range will expand and the new data will be included in the PivotTable. You can link a chart to the data range of the PivotTable and the chart will automatically change to show new values in the PivotTable.

Guide to the Example:
Use the buttons on the worksheet named "Home" to activate Excel's built in data input form and add data to the BonusCalculation and CandleMaster worksheets. You can view a summary of the BonusCalculation worksheet in the worksheet named "PivotTableSheet"

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Last modified: May 21, 1996