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Conversion of Feet and Inches to Decimal Values

Keywords: Inches, Feet, Measurement, User Defined Function

Description: Two Visual Basic for Applications User Defined Functions, one to convert from decimal inches to feet, inches and fractions. The second function converts from feet and inches to decimal inches.

Tip: You can create these User Defined Functions:

CFeet converts from decimal inches to feet, inches and fractions of inch. The second parameter of CFeet specifies the smallest fraction of inch for rounding. If omitted, fractions are rounded to 9999th's of an inch.

CInches converts from feet, inches and fractions of inch to decimal inches.

Guide to the Example: To use these functions, insert a module page in your workbook and copy the functions from Module 1 to your module page. Functions will then appear in the function wizard under User Defined Functions. Even if you are not a Visual Basic Coder, please read comments in Module 1 to understand logic of functions. See examples on Sheet1.

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Last modified: May 21, 1996