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PivotTables With Accounting Data

Keywords: PivotTable, Multiple Consolidation Range

Description: This workbook demonstrates three pivot tables built using the multiple consolidation range option with source data in standard accounting format. The Pivot tables take advantage of Excel's ability to group dates in PivotTables.

Tip: The powerful grouping capability of pivot tables can be used to bring flexibility to the manipulation of financial totals by month, quarter, etc. If the source data is arrayed as columns of monthly accounting data, you can use the PivotTable Multiple Consolidation Range option to create a date field you can group by month, quarter or year.

Guide to the Example: The source data table on the "Source Data" worksheet is shown in three PivotTables by quarter, month and by month with quarterly totals. Use the PivotTable Wizard to review the setting of the PivotTables.

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Last modified: May 21, 1996