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Apply Styles to PivotTables

Keywords: PivotTables, Format

Description: This example worksheet demonstrates how to apply special styles to parts of a pivot table.

Tip: When you change a pivot table it will lose its formatting. You can create a Visual Basic for Applications procedure that will apply styles to each portion of a pivot table. If you use the Format, Styles option to create special styles, the Visual Basic for Applications procedure can apply those named styles to the areas of the PivotTable. You do not need to use a special procedure for PivotTables with standard AutoFormat styles.

Guide to the Example: Change the PivotTable on the Pivot Table and Data sheet by moving a row field to a page field or selecting a new page field value. These change will redraw the table and all special formatting will be lost. Click the "Apply Styles to Pivot Table" button and the Visual Basic for Applications procedure will restore special formatting to each area of the PivotTable

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Last modified: May 21, 1996