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Dialing Phone Numbers the Windows 95 Dialer and Windows3.11 Cardfile

Keywords: Windows95, Dialer, Telephone, CardFile, Autodialer, Windows 3.11

Description: Simple VBA macro that uses Shell and SendKeys commands to dial a phone number using the Windows95 dialer applet or Window 3.11 Cardfile Autodialer.

Tip: You can use the Shell command in VBA to start the Dialer Windows application and dial a phone number with your computer's modem. The combination of the Shell and Sendkeys commands can be used to automate many functions in Windows. Shell starts another Windows application and SendKeys sends keystrokes to that application. With Windows 3.11, you can use a similar macro to start the CardFile program and send keystrokes to activate it's AutoDialer feature.

Guide to the Example: Select cell in a row on Sheet 1 that contains a name and phone number. Click on the Dial button and Excel will start the Dialer applet and dial the phone number in column B of the Row. If you have problems, test the Dialer or Cardfile apples from the Windows intrerface. If you can use the applet from its user interface, then verify that the path is correct.

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Last modified: May 21, 1996