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Comparative Ratio Analysis Using Data from Robert Morris Associates

Keywords: Ratio, Robert Morris Assocaites, RMA, Comparitive Ratio Analysis

Description: Example of comparing actual data to standard ratios from Robert Morris Associates(RMA).

Tip: RMA comparative ratios are available in the reference section of most business libraries. See the sheet named RMA for more information. Lending institutions use the RMA ratios as one measure of a business that is applying for a loan. By becoming familiar with the RMA ratiios, you can improve the financial measures of your business - before it is time to apply for a loan.

You can use Excel formulas to compare actual data to RMA ratios and show variances. Use Goal seek to experiment with changes the the actual needed to bring data in line with RMA averages.

Guide to the Example: The sheet "Ratios" is protected - actual data can only be entered in selected cells in column C. RMA data is entered in column E. If you want to change the sheet, use menu option Tool, Protection, UnProtect sheet to unlock all cells.
Ratio formulas use range names so that you can easily determine source of data.

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Last modified: May 21, 1996